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Accredited Investors

There are many opportunities available for accredited investors and before you can invest in these opportunities, you have to assess whether you meet the Securities and Exchange Act requirements to be deemed an accredited investor. We can help you navigate the requirements and help with the assessment. Additionally, we can provide accredited investor status letters that are required before investments can be made with these opportunities.

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LLC or Entity Formation

Whether you are thinking of working for yourself full time or creating a side-business, My Personal Tax CPA LLC will help you walk through the entire process. From tax structuring and planning to actually forming the entity, we make the process simple and easy so you can focus on the actual business. We work with many entrepreneurs and start-ups in various fields and can help you assess which entity formation and tax structure works best for you. Additionally, we will help you in the first two years so that the learning curve is made easy and manageable.

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

The IRS imposes penalty and interest for not making quarterly tax payments when they are due. This applies to both individuals and businesses. We can help you not only calculate the estimated tax payments for federal and state, but also help navigate setting up the right tax accounts with each so that your tax payments can be made timely.

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Resident and Non-Resident Alien

If you are here on a particular type of visa that allows you to be here in the United States, there are complex tax rules that may require you to be treated as a resident alien for tax purposes. We can help you navigate through the IRS tax laws and determine, based on facts and circumstances applicable to you, whether you would have any tax obligations as a non-resident alien, or if you are considered a resident alien for tax purposes.

Tax Strategy

Equity Tax Strategy (ISOs, RSUs, ESPPs, 83(b) Election and AMTs)

Many employers are offering various incentives to retain employees and each has its own tax planning needs to properly structure and execute. We have worked with our clients to structure the timing of these incentives so they aren’t faced with a huge tax liability or are able to take advantage of the alternative minimum tax (AMT) credit that is often implicated as a result to be used in a later year.

We can help make estimated tax scenarios so you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed with these various incentives provided by employers. This includes deciding when it is best to exercise or sell, how much taxes to withhold, looking at qualifying and disqualifying sales and more.

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Multi-State Returns

Our clients are from around the US and worldwide so we understand that taxes will not only involve one state but multiple states. Especially in the world of hybrid and remote working, a taxpayer may be working in one state and working in another. We will help you with preparing multiple state returns and ensure you get tax credits for taxes paid to another state as applicable.


We understand the sacrifice that our military servicemen and women make and want to ensure that taxes are not a burden for them. Since our inception, we have worked with military and military families to not only help with tax preparation but also help with tax planning since our military clients will often have rentals which includes different IRS rules when moves are based on orders.

*Please enquire about our military discount.

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Content Creators / Influencers

Whether you are managed by a company or just getting started, content creators and influencers are treated as independent contractors and there are various rules for what can be expensed or deducted. We work with content creators and influencers in various stages of their careers and help them grow as they build their craft and business. We can help by discussing how taxes with content creators and influencers work or help you determine what areas of your business can be structured to give you the most optimal options for tax savings.

Green Energy Tax Credits

Whether you are looking to get an electric vehicle (EV), add solar to your home, or upgrade existing heating and cooling like adding a heat pump, we can help you understand the tax credits that are available to make the process of going green easy and save you money.

Many taxpayers are not aware of all the green tax credits available so they may miss out on the savings provided by the government. Additionally, these green tax credit laws are very nuanced and not always easy to understand. Contact us prior to going green and we discuss the tax options available to you.

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Required Minimum Distributions and Inherited IRAs

Whether you are a spousal beneficiary or a non-spousal beneficiary and have inherited an IRA or retirement account from someone that has passed away, the rules can be complicated and it is worth exploring the options available to maximize your tax savings. We can help you explore the different options available to you and assess how each will impact your taxes so that you can make the most optimal solution to your tax scenario.

We Help You navigate the intricate tax Laws to protect You & Your assets

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